Sigma of the Andbank Group

Sigma of the Andbank Group – Israel’s first international investment house and a unique entity in the country’s capital market environment – is part of a global investment house active in 11 countries.

Its global position places Sigma as a leading entity in terms of presence in foreign markets, providing its clients with local analysis and investment opportunities as well as exposure to unique products and investment solutions.
The Sigma Investment House represents a unique business culture, with global Andbank Group’s 80 years of private banking and investment management experience, alongside the local investment house’s pioneering risk management capabilities, championed by Prof. Dan Galai, a world-renown finance and investment expert.

Sigma offers its clients a unique, holistic solutions suite, which includes portfolio management and mutual funds, pension plans, advanced wealth management services and alternative investments – with access to international markets and first-rate professionals with actual presence in these markets, reflected in expertise, impressive independent research capabilities, value propositions and investment strategies.

About the Andbank Group

Andbank is one of the most prominent global private banking groups worldwide in wealth management, and a world leader in inter-generational capital transfer.

The Company has more than 80 years of experience in the finance industry and more than $25 billion under management. The Group specializes in value creation and asset protection and is considered as having redefined the industry standard for profitability and excellence.

With presence in 11 countries, Andbank features one of the industry’s highest capital adequacy ratio. The Company excels in analysis and research of local markets, and in launching advanced investment solutions for investors. Andbank excels in providing uncompromising service, a solid approach and, of course, complete discretion.

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