Financial and
Pension Planning

We at Sigma provide professional financial planning tailored to each client’s specific needs and characteristics, by managing existing and future commitments, adapting them to the revenue stream and maximizing the profit potential from various savings components, while taking into account the tax aspects involved.

Our mission is to ensure that our clients maintain a high standard of living and financial security going into, and well after, retirement.
We assist our clients from their first jobs through their wedding and children – all the way to retirement.

We are here to provide you with a real and right solution, tailored-made especially for you, and to provide you with investment plans and tracks according to your particular changing needs.

We have only your best interests at every stage of life in mind.

In an era of multiple possibilities, we identify the most appropriate financial alternatives for your, under the best possible terms.

We, at Sigma, provide a range of tools for long-term savings and future planning, including provident funds, study funds, pension funds, managers’ insurance policies and savings plans with a variable risk profile that is in line with the saver’s age and circumstances.

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Financial and pension planning
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