“Sigma City” is a fund that finances residential real estate and supplies loans for projects in the field of urban renovation in the main cities and areas of demand in Israel. The fund has a track record and a proven ability in the financing of Tama 38 projects (1/2), entrepreneurship, combination transactions and purchase groups.

The loans of the fund are given as a completion of equity (mezzanine) for projects that are in advanced stages and are financed by an accompanying bank or as a financing of construction that is repaid as a senior debt. These loans are given while emphasizing on purchase groups and on Tama 38 groups, and are subject to meeting quantitative and qualitative criteria and receiving the appropriate margins.

“Sigma City” is known as “an authorized completer of equity” by all of the banks that allow the registration of secondary liens – a confirmation that is only given to a limited number of institutions that are not banks.

The managers and the members of the fund’s credit committee are senior executives from the banking system and the capital market and they are experts in the field of real estate. They have many years of knowledge and experience in financial escorting and the execution of real estate projects.
In light of the success of the activity of the first fund, “Sigma City” is establishing nowadays a continuing fund.

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